Precision in plastics

We also make our knowledge of injection moulding available to our customers. We serve a niche in the market with our injection moulding equipment, initially meant for mould optimization, validation and testing. "small series production". As a specialist in the creation of small production series, from 50 to 10,000 products, we offer our customers the possibility to organise their own large series production in the best way, without disturbing small orders.

Tumag is specialised in:

  • the injection moulding of Engineering Plastics which are difficult to process; such as polyamide-imide, LCP, PES, PPSU, COC, PA 4.6 and 6.6, PPS,
  • the injection moulding of 2K products.
  • precision injection moulding with a low shot volume.
  • machines from 35 to 200 Tons of closing strength.
  • mould systems with exchangeable product moulding parts.

Tumag offers you injection moulding capacity for 0-series, pre-production stock and pre-series without disturbing your organisation.